Grant Gustin Reveals He Doesn't Really Run as The Flash

The Flash may be the fastest man alive, but those speedster skills may not translate to real life. [...]

The Flash may be the fastest man alive, but those speedster skills may not translate to real life. It turns out that Grant Gustin, star of The CW's The Flash doesn't actually run on the show.

Gustin recently sat down with talk show host Conan O'Brien and revealed that when it comes to running as The Flash, he no longer really runs on the show especially after figuring out that there wasn't really a need for him to.

"We used to," he explained. "Season one we'd put me on a treadmill with a harness and then I realized on the show that it was always like a waister shot and that my legs weren't in frame, so they had me running for no reason whatsoever. So now they frame it out and I'm literally just moving like that."

The "that' he is referring to is upper body running motions which you can check out in the video above. The rest of the running depicted on the show is a product of special effects making it look like Gustin's Barry Allen is speeding along. However, just because Gustin doesn't regularly run on The Flash doesn't mean the role is without its physical challenges. Earlier this year, Gustin shared to his Instagram story that there are times "when Flash can't Flash", complete with the actor looking exhausted and sweaty while in full costume.

"Sometimes I don't wanna run anymore," he said at the time. "I'm so tired of running."

Of course, just because he's tired of running as The Flash and doesn't have speedster powers himself, that doesn't mean that Gustin doesn't manage to win a few races himself. The actor also revealed to O'Brien that he's been challenged to races despite the fact that The Flash is a fictional character that he plays on television.

"I'm challenged to races," Gustin explained. "Never a stranger. I've had a good friend of mine who, to be honest is tiny and like should have assumed that I could have beat him, that I'm faster than him and then crew members, two different crew members. I'm 3 and 0."

Gustin may not run for the show and clearly doesn't need super speed to win races himself, but when it comes to Barry Allen, his speed isn't helping him that much this season on The Flash. The Scarlet Speedster has been going up against a villain named The Thinker who -- as the fastest mind alive -- is beating the hero and nearly every turn simply by out thinking him. Things are starting to look particularly bad for The Flash in next week's episode, "Lose Yourself", with Barry finally finding a way to enter the villain's lair only for The Thinker and his wife to be ready for them.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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