'The Flash' Stars Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh Team Up in New Short Film

The idea of Tom Cavanagh and Grant Gustin as bumbling would-be bank robbers sounds like something [...]

The idea of Tom Cavanagh and Grant Gustin as bumbling would-be bank robbers sounds like something you'd expect to find on, say, Earth-49, but this isn't an unexplored corner of the Multiverse on The CW's The Flash. It's a new short film from the show's stars and its first trailer dropped today.

The pair, who play Harrison "Harry" Wells and Barry Allen/The Flash on the DC Comics-inspired superhero series respectively, have teamed up for Tom and Grant, an upcoming short film that will see the two far from their heroic selves. Instead, Tom and Grant are incredibly clueless bank robbers who are dramatically ill-equipped for their criminal pursuits. How ill-equipped? They don't have a plan or even a gun with which to carry out their plan and the idea of playing these clueless criminals is something that Cavanagh told Entertainment Weekly really appealed, especially with Tom and Grant being political and darkly comics.

"Part of the subtext to all of this thing that I wrote and directed is political, about the political times that we're living in, but the presentation is completely comic; it's dark comic," Cavanagh said. "The thing that appeals to both Grant and I, and it's not something that we get to do often, but the idea of somebody who thinks they're really, really smart, but in truth is really, really, dumb. I find that to be extremely appealing, character-wise. In this scenario, we play Tom and Grant, the two most inept bank robbers ever."

How unwise are Tom and Grant in the short film? According to the film's official website, extremely. Described as small-time crooks who are "poster children for the disenfranchised," the two decided to "seek a better way" which involves the idea of letting someone else rob a bank, then they will rob those robbers. The film, which is written and directed by Cavanagh, isn't all laughs, though. Cavanagh said it's not a family movie at all.

"It's R rated; it's not for the family. It's got blood and gun-play and heists and car chases, and I think that it's something that both Grant and I are phenomenally excited about putting before the public."

While this may be the first time fans will get to see Cavanagh and Gustin team up for a project outside of The Flash, it's not the first time Arrowverse stars have come together for outside projects. Real-life cousins Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow) and Robbie Amell (the former Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm) made a sci-fi short called Code 8 while Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West/Kid Flash) will appear in the upcoming film Love, Simon directed by Arrowverse producer Greg Berlanti.

The release date for Tom and Grant will be announced sometime in March.