The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Dead or Alive

This week's episode starts off with a group of arms dealers meeting to do a deal while we hear [...]

This week's episode starts off with a group of arms dealers meeting to do a deal while we hear Harrison Wells narrating the scene. The dealers are thwarted by Barry and Wells, who happens to have a huge vortex cannon. The scene cuts to Team Flash HQ where it's revealed Wells is writing a book.

Alerts begin sounding and we find out there's another crime in progress and the two Flashes, both Barry and Wally, speed out and stop the crime in progress. A crowd assembles and begin chanting Kid Flash's name, much like last weekend. The group finds themselves back at STAR Labs and Wells congratulates the group while Wally gives props to Barry.

While the rest of the group dissipates, Barry confronts Cisco Ramon/Vibe on if he's found a way to change the future yet. Cisco and Caitlin Snow then take Barry to show him a LEGO diagram of the scene where Savitar murders Iris in the future. Julian joins the trio and begins going through the scientific process on what speeds and velocities Barry needs to travel to stop Savitar from murdering Iris in the future. Julian then leaves the group and Cisco mentions how he's a bit blunt.

We cut to Jitters, for the first time in quite a while, and see Gypsy doing recon work. She touches some coffee stirrers and has a vision of Wells being at that location. A cop shows up and Gypsy disappears and we see Barry and Joe serving as crime scene investigators the next morning. Joe notices something has been going on between Barry and Iris, as he's still unaware of the future in which Iris is murdered.

Back at STAR Labs, they're reviewing security camera footage from Jitters while Gypsy hacks into the lab's security feed and says she's looking for Wells. Wells explains that Gypsy is a "collector" from his Earth shortly before Gypsy transports herself from outside into the STAR Labs basement where the team is located.

Cisco begins using his vibing powers in an attempt to push Gypsy away from the group while Gypsy makes the connect that he can also vibe. With Cisco injecting some humor into the scene by trying to ask Gypsy out on a coffee date, Wally makes his way into the basement before getting stopped by Gypsy's vibing powers. Gypsy informs the group that they're harboring a fugitive in Wells before she vibes out of the basement.

The group asks why Wells is a fugitive and Wells explains how his earth, Earth-19, has banned inter-dimensional travel made punishable by death. They then go on a discussion about morality as Julian points out that since it's a different dimension, they have different rules and regulations.

Barry goes to see Iris at work and asks her if she's told Joe about the future in which she's murdered. Iris denies anything although it's clear something's still bothering her. Iris is then seen watching Wally train at STAR Labs where Wally tells her to lay of the scoop she's working for the newspaper, one which involves the arms dealers from before.

Wells is seen packing his office supplies into a bag while Cisco walks in and begins a conversation. Wells shares his feelings on why he traveled between dimensions, because he felt like he was a fraud back on his earth. Wells snaps at Barry while Barry offers some guidance and Wells mentions the only way to get out of it would be to win a trial by combat. Caitlin pages them that Gypsy is waiting for them outside to take Wells home.

Outside, Cisco surprises the group by challenging Gypsy to a trial by combat and Gypsy reveals that a trial by combat is to the death. The two appear quite flirtatious until Gypsy reveals that Cisco will have 24 hours to prepare. After Gypsy vibes away from the scene, Cisco remarks "She's going to kill me, isn't she?"

Back instead, Wally and Wells can be heard raving about Gypsy, Wells even mentions how she's a "legend" on his earth. A visibly shaken Cisco can be seen as Barry comforts him until Julian informs Cisco he'll start preparing the medical bay, which doesn't help calm the situation.

Iris and Wally are seen going into the police department as Iris explains to Wally that he needs to speed through the department and take pictures of the case file on the arms dealers. A resistant Wally has his mind changed as Iris explains that it could be her last few weeks on earth in case the Savitar future comes true. Iris distracts Joe from the case file while Wally grabs the file to take pictures in a humorous exchange with Iris leading Joe to believe she's pregnant.

The team is seen helping train Cisco and Cisco vibes into the support beams at the top of the ceiling to escape training. Wells pulls Barry to the side and reiterates that he can't let Cisco fight her and reveals that he's been tracking Gypsy and she's currently located at the waterfront.

Barry and Wells confront her and Gypsy as the latter subdues Barry and takes Wells through a portal as "insurance" to make sure Cisco fights her.

Cisco is understandably upset as Barry tells him about confronting Gypsy at the waterfront. Barry follows Cisco into a separate room and the two discuss handling the pressures of fighting crime as Team Flash. Julian butts in to the cut the moment short as he tells the two that he's a weakness to Gypsy: for a split second as she leaves a breach, her feet are off the ground which leaves her unbalanced and vulnerable for attack.

Wally and Iris are seen approaching a warehouse, where it's revealed that's where the arms dealers are storing their cache of weapons. While she's looking into a crate, one of the dealers approaches her and threatens to shoot her as she walks towards him and presses the gun against her own chest before Wally speeds in and stops the gunman.

At Team Flash HQ, an irate Joe discusses his disappointment in Iris and Wally compromising a sting operation the Central City PD had been working on for months. Barry and Iris walk off to have a side conversation where Iris reveals she's not afraid to die, rather she's afraid to leave Earth like her mother. Barry reassures her she'll be fine and Cisco walks in to tell them that Gypsy vibed him her location.

Cisco shows up in an entire ensemble complete with a jacket and glasses. Cisco starts saying some smart remarks as Gypsy blasts him away. He gets back on his feet and they both blast energy at each other as it meets in the middle and hold it a while before they quit, visibly tired and out of breath.

Gypsy vibes Cisco to a rooftop as the latter references its Earth-2. She then vibes him to another Earth where we see Miss Tessmacher, a character we've previously seen on Supergirl before vibing him to an earth primarily made of lava.

She knocks Cisco down back on Earth-1 and goes to do the move which Julian showed him earlier and Cisco knocks her down as she's off her feet and she claims he won. Cisco is a proud winner and helps Gypsy off the ground and she mentions that "in all the multiverse, she's never meet someone like Cisco." The two share a smile.

Gypsy is invited into STAR Labs where she reveals she'll tell the people who hired him that she killed Wells so that they aren't suspicious. The only caveat: Wells may never return to Earth-19. Gypsy and Cisco talk for a while and as Gypsy leans in to kiss Cisco, she vibes herself away.

Iris and Barry are seen back at their apartment while Barry is shown reading Iris' article about the arms dealers. Barry mentions that the article is great and reassures Iris once more that he's going to stop Savitar.

Wells is in STAR Labs as he's speaking into his voice recorder as Cisco walks in and begins speaking. Cisco remarks that Wells as accomplished plenty and Wells thanks him for saving his life. Cisco mentions it's what they do for friends and how to balance the skills. Wells asks for Cisco to share some of the knowledge his doppelgangers had and Cisco goes into some depth about how he appreciates working at STAR Labs.

The episode ends as Barry walks in to watch Wally train. Barry mentions that he's going to need Wally to get faster and when Wally asks why, Barry reflects "I've been looking at things the wrong way. I'm not going to save Iris from Savitar, you are."

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