'The Flash' EP Teases Danny Trejo's Season 4 Character

When The Flash returns for its fourth season, it will have a guest star unlike any other, with the [...]

When The Flash returns for its fourth season, it will have a guest star unlike any other, with the arrival of film legend Danny Trejo.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teased the debut of Trejo's character, Breacher. As he explained, Breacher's appearance will have an interesting impact on both his daughter, Gypsy (Jessica Camacho), and her "long-distance" boyfriend Cisco (Carlos Valdes).

"Well, we just thought it would be a great episode," Kreisberg explained. "Gypsy and Jessica, they're so tough and so strong. We're like, 'Obviously she came from somebody strong,' and we just thought it would be a hilarious idea for Cisco, who's managed to melt Gypsy's heart, being unable to do the same with her father."

Kreisberg also revealed the process that went into casting Trejo, which was something the show's writers had initially thought was out of the realm of possibility.

"We were in the room and we were like, 'Who could we get?' and someone said Danny Trejo and we all started laughing like, 'He'd be great, but of course Danny Trejo's not going to do this,'" Kreisberg revealed. "But as I've discovered over these past few years, if you don't ask, you don't get it. So we reached out to him and his people, and it turned out he was a fan, and he was eager to do it, and he loved the character."

Kreisberg went on to say that he's proud of the story he wrote for Trejo, and that it will contribute to the new season's much lighter tone.

"I feel like we wrote him a great script," Kreisberg said. "His character and his storyline with Cisco and Gypsy, it's part of this slight redirection of the series this year — it's just doing much more fun stories and much more just out and out hilarious things to match Barry's newfound optimism and lightness."

The Flash season four premieres Tuesday, October 10th on The CW.

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