Did 'The Flash' Season 4 Premiere Just Hint at the Tornado Twins?

barry and iris tornado twins
(Photo: The CW)

The fourth season premiere of The Flash tonight sees the return of Barry Allen as the Flash, but fans may have noticed something that could hint at a complicated future for Barry and Iris.

Mild spoilers for The Flash's season four premiere, 'The Flash Reborn', below.

When Barry returns from the Speed Force he's really not himself. Not only does he have a beard and appear to be completely unaware of the world around him, but he also appears to be talking to things only he can see -- and one of those comments indicates that he might just have seen his and Iris' future. A future that may contain children.

In STAR Labs after Caitlin and Cisco revive him, Barry says something about needing more diapers that might just be a hint that, at some point, Barry and Iris welcome kids into their lives. Specifically, Barry says that they will need more diapers. Is this a hint that the couple will be welcoming twins in the future?

Fans have long hoped that Barry and Iris would have twins when they elected to start a family, specifically fans are hoping for the Tornado Twins.

If you're not familiar, there are a couple of versions of the Tornado Twins, but the ones most fans are familiar with are Jai and Iris West, twin children of Wally West and his wife, Linda Park. The twins have speedster powers just like their father. While it would be a slight tweak for Barry and Iris to instead be the parents of the Tornado Twins, it would be in keeping with the subtle shifts from comic book canon that The Flash has made since its debut.

While it remains to be seen how much of the gibberish Barry is speaking will turn out to be real, fans will still be excited that babies -- or at least their needs -- are on Barry's minds. Now to just be patient for that West/Allen wedding during the crossover event this season...


The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.