The Flash Star Says He's Ready to Say Goodbye to Barry Allen

The Flash kicked off its ninth and final season Wednesday night on The CW, but while the Scarlet Speedster's final run is bittersweet for fans and even those involved with making the long-running Arrowverse series, star Grant Gustin is also ready to conclude this chapter of things. Speaking with E! News, Gustin said he's ready to wrap up this chapter and move on to what is next.

"I'm ready for it to be over," Gustin said. "And that's not for any negative reason. It's like when you're getting ready to finish high school and—granted I don't know what college I'm going to after this, I might not get into college—but you're excited to wrap up and move on to the next phase of your life."

Gustin also said that that while he is ready for the next chapter, he will always be The Flash and it's helped shape who he is.

"I'll get to be The Flash forever even when this ends," Gustin said. "We couldn't have done this this long if we didn't have people supporting us as much as they had over the years and it's really shaped who I am."

What can fans expect in the final season of The Flash?

The official synopsis for the season is as follows: "After defeating the Reverse Flash once and for all, the ninth season of The Flash picks up one week later following their epic battle, and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) are reconnecting and growing closer than ever before. But when a deadly group of Rogues descend on Central City led by a powerful new threat, The Flash and his team — Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), Meta-Empath Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet), the light-powered meta Allegra Garcia (Kayla Compton), brilliant tech-nerd Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight) and reformed cryogenics thief Mark Blaine (Jon Cor) — must once again defy impossible odds to save the day. But as The Rogues are defeated, a deadly new adversary rises to challenge Barry Allen's heroic legacy And in their greatest battle yet, Barry and Team Flash will be pushed to their limits in order to save Central City one last time."

The Flash airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.