The Flash Ditches His Scarlet Super Suit for a Racy Cosplay

The Flash may be the Fastest Man Alive, but he appears to be preparing for an even racier role in The Flash 2022 Annual #1. If you haven't been keeping up with the latest happenings in the DC Universe, Barry Allen and the rest of the Justice League are believed to be dead following Justice League #75, aka "Death of the Justice League." Wally West and the rest of the Flash Family have set off on a rescue mission in the Speed Force to find their missing comrade, taking Wally West and Wallace West to Earth-Flash.1 where the villain Pariah has crafted a false reality to keep Barry trapped.

DC takes a detour from the main story for The Flash 2022 Annual #1 from Jeremy Adams and Serg Acuña. A preview from the annual finds Wally West and Linda Park-West in a scandalous position. The couple appears to be on the cover of a romance novel in a sensuous pose. Wally is shirtless sporting some flowing red hair, with Linda in a purple gown. "Best-Laid Plans" is either the title of the annual's story or the name of the romance novel Wally and Linda are starring in.

(Photo: DC Comics) recently sat down with The Flash writer Jeremy Adams and Artist Amancay Nahuelpan to talk about The Flash #784, "The Search for Barry Allen", the challenges of creating a story that is both very much its own entity while also being part of the larger Dark Crisis event and more. When it comes to balancing tieing into Dark Crisis and telling his own story, Adams revealed his philosophy on storytelling.

"I will tell you from my point of view, as a poor little kid that only got comic books on spinner racks, there is nothing that drove me more insane than getting a piece of an event and not having allowance money or anything to be like, I can't get the six other pieces. Just going like, it's not at the 7-11, what do I do?" Adams said. "Because we didn't have comic book stories. I always try to do that. The War for Earth-3, like, hey, you need to do this thing. It's like, great, but there's another story going on here. And I want to tell that story as well. The best way to describe it is if you're watching Grey's Anatomy, or I'm trying to think of another good, like Buffy and Angel would do this all the time."


Make sure to let us know what you think of Wally's new look in The Flash 2022 Annual #1 in the comments! The issue goes on sale August 30th.

  • THE FLASH 2022 ANNUAL #1
  • Written by JEREMY ADAMS
  • $5.99 US | 48 pages
  • ON SALE 8/30/22
  • It's been a wild time for Wally West and Linda Park-West: their children are regaining their powers, Wally is bouncing between realms, and Linda is dealing with a mysterious power surge! Now, as Linda begins doing research for her upcoming book, Wally comes along for some quality time, and the couple end up on an adventure neither expected!