The Justice League Gets a New Leader in Young Justice: Outsiders Finale

Throughout the course of Young Justice: Outsiders, many heroes of the DC Universe have seemingly lost their way in their attempts to stop the villainous machinations of the Light. In their actions, heroes like Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Wonder Woman, Miss Martian, Oracle, and Aquaman have all participated in a proxy war that has compromised their morals, drawing comparisons to the likes of Lex Luthor and Vandal Savage.

But by the end of the new season of the series, these heroes have course corrected and put their faith into the hands of one of their most idealistic allies, and now control of the Justice League, the Team, Batman Inc., and the Outsiders all falls under the purview of Black Lightning.

In the season finale called "Nevermore," Black Lightning finally comes back into the fold after learning that he had been duped by Nightwing and Batman, doing the secret bidding of their combined efforts.

Jefferson Pierce helps Cyborg hack into Deathstroke's feed after he tries to coerce Terra into killing Beast Boy. Once she refuses, Black Lightning uncovers definitive proof that Lex Luthor created a meta-human trafficking ring of his own, was betraying his position in the United Nations by continuing to work with Lex Corp, as well as his involvement with the Light.

This results in Luthor being removed from his role in the United Nations, and there's mention that Troia of Themyscira could be his replacement.

But Lightning still isn't happy with the actions of the League, and Nightwing knows it. So he calls for an assembly at the Watchtower with remote calls by Guy Gardner, the space-faring Green Lanterns, Hawkman and Hawkwoman, as well as Metamorpho and the rest of Batman Inc. The rest of the Team, the Outsiders, and the Justice League all convene on the satellite, where Nightwing officially nominates Black Lightning as the new leader of their combined forces.

Pierce says he never wanted the job, and Nightwing makes it clear that's exactly why he's perfect to lead their combined forces. Aquaman and Wonder Woman step down as chairpersons of the League, and Miss Martian relinquishes her duties leading the team. Even Batman pledges to fold Batman Inc. back into larger group, should Black Lightning take control.

What follows is a rousing speech by Jefferson Pierce as he pledges to fight the Light as they have done before, not in the shadows.


This seems to intimate that Young Justice Season 4 will continue to pull the Justice League and the Team in the opposite direction of compromise and manipulation that dominated the Invasion and Outsiders seasons, especially as public favor continues to support their actions.

All episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders are now streaming on DC Universe.