The Suicide Squad: Behind-the-Scenes Photos Detail Impressive Polka-Dot Man Make-Up

The Suicide Squad is leaving HBO Max in a few days, but there's plenty of behind-the-scenes content to enjoy on social media thanks to director James Gunn. Gunn has been sharing everything from fun behind-the-scenes videos to revealing easter eggs and posting set photos. We've also learned a lot of information about how Gunn and David Dastmalchian brought Polka-Dot Man to life. In a recent post, Gunn shared a closer look at some of the impressive make-up used on Dastmalchian during the production.

"1st test of Legacy's makeup for extreme polka dot disease. Dave has always loved Chaney, Karloff & the Universal monsters & was overcome with emotion that he was their modern embodiment & began to weep. I thought this was a good time to take photos," Gunn shared on Twitter. "I like to think I was laughing with Dave as opposed to at him, but the contrast of being so moved by something so horrifying delighted me - just like Dave's unique personality does all the time as my friend & collaborator," he added. "Lots of changes were made to the makeup after this, but Legacy killed it with this practical prosthetic effect just like they did with all the prosthetics throughout the film." You can check out his thread of photos below:

"Polka-Dot Man is great," Gunn previously told Total Film. "I went and looked online, 'Who's the dumbest DC character of all time?' and it was Polka-Dot Man. We've turned that character who's a sad, pathetic character into a character who's depressed because people think he's stupid. He has a very tragic story that you learn about throughout the film – to be able to add depth to characters who are thought of as the silliest is a fun thing for me to do."


The Suicide Squad is currently playing in theaters and is available to watch on HBO Max until September 6th.