Titans' Dark History Is Revealed in "Aqualad"

The young superheroes of Titans are attempting to forge a legacy for the new generation moving forward, but they'll have to deal with the demons of their past first. And Season 2 of the DC Universe series has shown Dick Grayson and his allies struggle to deal with the looming threat of Deathstroke, thought dead but returned to haunt them after their very public return in the premiere episode. Grayson and Donna Troy have hinted at their tragic history in previous episodes, but in this week's "Aqualad" we finally saw a glimpse of how far they fell in their efforts to stop Slade Wilson.

Warning: Spoilers for Titans Season 2 episode "Aqualad" below.

While we're not sure why Deathstroke first crossed paths with the Titans, he was hired to assassinate one of their members of the first team's incarnation. Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, and Hawk & Dove all seemed to be at the top of their game, until Deathstroke shot Aqualad through the chest and presumably killed the Atlantean superhero.

The team subsequently learned about Deathstroke's identity and Dove effectively challenged Grayson to "be Batman" and figure out a way to enact some justice on the hired gun. The series then jumps one week ahead, where Dick Grayson pretends to accidentally run into Deathstroke's son Jericho.

The episode establishes that Jericho and his mother are estranged from Deathstroke, but that the hired gun still keeps an eye on them from a distance without letting them know that he's keeping tabs. Much like in the comics, Jericho is mute and communicates through sign language, with a scar on his throat that could hint toward a tragic confrontation with his father.


Though Grayson's intentions are somewhat ambiguous, it is clear that he is manipulating Jericho in an attempt to exact some payback on Deathstroke. To what end is unclear at this point, but given how the Titans reflect on their past it is not something they are proud of.

The series has already hinted at Grayson's willingness to "take the shot," so is it possible that the Titans were involved with the death of Jericho? We'll find out as the second season of Titans continues on DC Universe, with new episodes being released every Friday.