'Titans' Star Conor Leslie Teases Wonder Girl's Classic Costume Appearing

In its first season on DC Universe, the new series Titans has embraced its ties to the comic book lore by referencing Batman, introducing multiple Robins, and name dropping the Clown Prince of Crime himself.

The latest episode premiering this Friday will bring the former Wonder Girl into the fray, with actress Conor Leslie debuting in the aptly titled "Donna Troy." And though the episode makes it seem like she's abandoned her past as a costumed crimefighter, old habits die hard.

While speaking with ComicBook.com, Leslie made it clear that DC fans will get a glimpse of Donna Troy's time as Wonder Woman's sidekick, teasing that we might even get to see her don the Wonder Girl costume in the future.

"I will say that you will definitely see Wonder Girl peek through," Leslie told us. "You will see elements of her come out. We're seeing Donna in her photographer gear. Dick [Grayson] didn't show up and she wasn't wearing her suit all of the sudden. I think fans are going to want to know when we'll see little peeks of Wonder Girl, and we will see it in the next episode — and some of her accessories."

Titans has not shied away from showing superheroes in costume, whether it's Dick or Jason Todd as Robin or Hawk and Dove in their comic book-accurate looks. And while the other members of the team have yet to get any official outfits, it seems like the season will end with them looking more similar to how they do in the source material.

Fans should start getting excited to see Wonder Girl as she appeared in The New Teen Titans comic run, or perhaps even her mid-2000s appearance from The Return of Donna Troy.

While Jason Todd only stuck around to help Dick with an investigation into his past, it seems like Donna Troy will play a pivotal part in the series moving forward.

"She's inevitably going to be involved with this, that's very apparent," Leslie said. "Donna is now involved. Dick has dragged her into this mess, as a brother would."


Well, that's promising for the future of Titans as the series gears up for a second season on DC Universe. Hopefully their ranks expand for characters like Wonder Girl and others, possibly bringing in more fan-favorite characters that people want to see in live action.

Titans airs Fridays on the DC Universe streaming service.