'Titans': First Look At Donna Troy In Wonder Girl Costume

Fans have uncovered what appears to be a first look at Conor Leslie, who plays Donna Troy on [...]

Fans have uncovered what appears to be a first look at Conor Leslie, who plays Donna Troy on Titans, in her costume as Wonder Girl.

The costume itself, assuming that it is real and not something created by a fan, looks like a combination fo the classic Donna Troy "jumpsuit" costume and the post-New 52 Wonder Woman looks which have incorporated a kind of "ribbed" effect to the top. Elements of that design are seen in the movie version of the Wonder Woman costume.

"I will say that you will definitely see Wonder Girl peek through," Leslie told ComicBook.com back in November. "You will see elements of her come out. We're seeing Donna in her photographer gear. Dick [Grayson] didn't show up and she wasn't wearing her suit all of the sudden. I think fans are going to want to know when we'll see little peeks of Wonder Girl, and we will see it in the next episode — and some of her accessories."

You can check the image bout below.

The exact design of the star field on her costume, as fans pointed out on Twitter, is reminiscent of a more recent (albeit all-black) version of the character's top in the comics.

It sounds like, while Donna may have thought she was out of the superhero business prior to Titans season 1, the team is pulling her back in when the second season debuts. The actress teased that she will definitely have a role coming up.

"She's inevitably going to be involved with this, that's very apparent," Leslie said. "Donna is now involved. Dick has dragged her into this mess, as a brother would."

Well, that's promising for the future of Titans as the series gears up for a second season on DC Universe. Hopefully their ranks expand for characters like Wonder Girl and others, possibly bringing in more fan-favorite characters that people want to see in live action.

The complete first season of Titans is available on the DC Universe streaming service. The second season is coming later this year.