Titans Images Surface Showing Off Scrapped Season 1 Finale

Photos continue to pop up from Titans' Season 1 finale. With the show closing the book on Season 2, more and more fans are wondering what could have been in the first batch of episodes. It is basically common knowledge now that the ending to the first salvo of adventures with the Titans was pretty drastically changed from the original plan. The new photos show off The Doom Patrol coming in for some support in the first season's capper. Media accounts are now posting stills from production and people are now wondering why such a pivot even happened. Original plans pointed towards the team arriving through a portal to help out the younger heroes against Trigon. Titans has been positioned as DC Universe's flagship series in the early days of the streaming platform. Having a show help promote Doom Patrol or Swamp Thing (a shame) could go a long way. As of late DC Universe has really hit its stride. Season 2 of Titans marked an improvement, Harley Quinn is getting great reviews, and Doom Patrol fans are hoping for more strong stories from that show.

Most of Season 2 has been dedicated to getting Dick Grayson ready to adopt the mantle of Nightwing. It seems like that choice has gone over well with fans of Titans. When images of him in that black and blue suit first hit the web, fans were overjoyed. (Although, that might have been because of that bottom…) But, still mission accomplished for Greg Walker and his crew heading into Season 3. He talked to EW about the long road to this moment.

"Where we meet him in episode 1 of the show is, he's in exile from his dysfunctional relationship with Bruce Wayne [Iain Glen]," Walker elaborated. "He's really ambivalent about being Robin at all. At one point he burns the suit. So he has a real complicated relationship with the suit… We always felt that he needed to go on season 2 as this kind of journey of recognizing what mistakes he made in the past, assessing himself, trying to figure out his relationship with Bruce, and then evolving past Robin. Because if he's not Robin anymore, then who he is?"

"The goal was always "to navigate a path towards Nightwing," Walker also mentioned. "It's a personal journey that he needs to go on. So he goes on this atonement journey in the last third of the season, trying to figure out who he is and what his relationship to heroism is and what his relationship is to the other Titans. That's what we were going for the whole time. We felt like we needed to think about it on a character level rather than having him show up and be like, 'Awesome suit, right?'"


Titans is currently streaming on DC Universe