Vanessa Hudgens Responds To Catwoman Rumors: "Make This Happen"

While fans are still trying to process Robert Pattinson potentially getting the Batman role in Matt Reeves' new movie, the internet has also quite taken to the idea of Vanessa Hudgens as the film's Catwoman. The rumor picked up steam earlier this week, and since then fans have supported it with fan art as Hudgens in the role. While we still don't know if Hudgens becoming Catwoman is something Reeves is considering, she recently let it be known it is something she would absolutely love to do if the opportunity presents itself.

Hudgens collected some of the stories and fan art and shared them on her Instagram Story, and she couldn't be more elated with the response they've been getting. The first image shows her side by side an Artgerm cover of Catwoman, and she revealed it is her dream role, adding the caption "Okay. Who do I need to talk to make this happen lol #dreamrole"

She then shared a recent piece of fan art from Mizuriofficial that shows her as a movie version of the character with a message to DC Comics, adding the caption "@dccomics JUST THROWING IT OUT THERE. Dream role lol."

The next one included a piece of art showing what she could look like as Selina Kyle from Datrinti, adding the caption "I love y'all so damn much for making these. Lol."

(Photo: Instagram)

Another one features a Catwoman side by side with Hudgens with the caption FILLIN MY HEART THOOOOO", while the next one is a mockup of her in the suit with the caption "Okay like WHAT!? Hahahahhahahahaha I'm DEAD AND SO ALIVE AT THE SAME TIME." Another one features her in the Pfeiffer suit with the caption Ugh yes."

(Photo: Instagram)

Last but not least she shared a photo of her from when she was young in a costume saying "And just to prove how obsessed I've always been with Catwoman. Here's the cherry on top."

Hudgens also shared a photo from Batman Returns featuring Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman and Danny Devito's Penguin on the top and photo of her and Josh Gad on the bottom. She added the caption ALSO VOTE YES LOL."


Hudgens could definitely pull the part off and would form an interesting combination alongside Pattinson as Batman, though Nicholas Hoult has also been rumored to be up for the part of Batman. Whatever happens with the Batman side of things, we are definitely down for Hudgens to be a part of it.

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