Watchmen Star Weighs in on What the Final Moments of the Season Finale Mean

The final moments of the season finale of Watchmen left a lot of audiences scratching their heads, but star Regina King recently offered her take on how it all played out, pointing out what she feels the sequence represented, even if she didn't give concrete answers on the situation. The ambiguous nature of those final moments were intentionally designed to be interepreted by audiences instead of offer concrete explanations, though with King herself being a fan of the story along with viewers at home, she has her own ideas about what it all meant. According to the actress, it's less about the actual events so much as what they symbolically represented.

WARNING: Spoilers below for Watchmen

In the final episode of the series, Doctor Manhattan met his demise, with the finale hinting that the powerful being transferred all of his abilities into an egg for King's Angela Abar to consume. After consuming the egg, Angela walked to the pool in an attempt to walk on water, as she had seen Manhattan do, with the episode cutting before we saw if she could do it.

“The way I perceived it, because I really fell in love with the love story between Angela and Doctor Manhattan, I felt like when she saw that egg, she wasn't necessarily looking at it as this opportunity to take on his powers," King shared with IGN. "So my interpretation of it was she saw this as one last chance that she could be close to Jon, that somehow this would bring them back together, or as crazy as it sounds, maybe they'd be as one.”

She added, “I believed that it was a continuance of the love story. I'm just one of those people that are in love with love, and I just felt like it’s amazing that in all of this storytelling of pain and trauma and anger, that they were able to sneak an ultimate love story.”

The actress also went on to confirm what she would do if her character really did embrace Manhattan's powers, claiming she would use them responsibly.

“I feel like for the most part, even though you see this woman in her anger going up into Nixonville and putting the guy in her trunk and all of that, I still feel like she's a very responsible person," King noted. "Here's a person that inherited three children because of her partner being killed during the White Night. So I would guess that she would be responsible with those powers.”


The first season of Watchmen is now streaming on HBO.

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