Watchmen's Regina King is Down for a Second Season

If Watchmen star Regina King gets her choice, she'll be back for a second season of the hit HBO show. Despite the premium network not having announced what its plans in regards to the future of the show, King said she'd return if it's as creatively inspiring as the initial outing was.

"I would totally do a season two, but I would just want it to be just smart and as emotionally driven as season one. And that's a tall order. So I would just want it to be on par with that," King recently told IGN. "I can say that I would want to come back if it could be anything near season one."

King plays Angela Akbar, also known as the vigilante Sister Midnight. She served as the protagonist through the first season and she's married to the most-godly superhero ever created — but you'd already know that if you've been watching the show. She's also not the only person who's said they'd return if the story was right.

Series creator and showrunner Damon Lindelof had previously said he'd love to return if they could come up with an adequate story. On the flip side, Lindelof said he'd also gladly part ways should someone else manage to come up with a better idea.

"If the idea is right, and if there is a compelling reason to do it, then I'd consider it," Lindelof said earlier this fall. "I haven't had that idea yet. The other thing about Watchmen is that it doesn't belong to me. Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins created this thing. I had the opportunity to be its steward for a couple of years. There is going to be more Watchmen, independently of whether I do it. It should be done by someone who really deeply cares about it and has a reason to."

The season (potentially series) finale ended up tallying the highest live ratings of the season, bringing in over 1.6 million live viewers across the various means HBO is broadcast or streamed. If the episode's +7 stay true with the other trends of the season, it's expected upwards of seven million people will flip the show on in the coming days.


The first season of Watchmen is now available for purchase on digital release.

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