Major Issues: First Appearance of Batman

--Hundreds of comic book characters are being portrayed in film and television, and with each new [...]


Hundreds of comic book characters are being portrayed in film and television, and with each new day more are being announced.

Major Issues -- a original video series -- will speak to true comic book hobbyists as well as new fans in a short, fast-paced digital series featuring the first appearances of characters we all love. Each episode will feature the actual comic book, info on the creators, and the backstory on the creation and legacy of the character.

The next in our series is a look at one of the most beloved, and respected, character in comics: Batman.

The well-known origin story is told as such from the DC database: Bruce Wayne was orphaned as a child when the mugger Joe Chill tried to steal his mother's necklace. Thomas Wayne was shot while defending his wife, and Martha Wayne was immediately shot as well. This incident made him swear to avenge their deaths and spend the rest of his life warring on all criminals. Bruce went on patrol for the first time as Batman, unsure if he was truly ready to fight criminals. The first crook he fought was a thief named "Slugsy" Kyle who was trying to rob a warehouse. Kyle was able to knock Bruce out and tie him up, but Bruce recovered and delivered Kyle to the police.

Originally published as Detective Comics Vol 1 27, it was also the first appearance of many of the beloved cast, like Commissioner Gordon and the mention of Gotham City as well as Wayne Manor.

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