Which Network Will Young Justice 3 Air On?

Netizens, rejoice! Your vocal tweeting and endless binge sessions on Netflix have not been in vain. Fans of Young Justice have been working nonstop to get the series renewed for a third season after it was sadly canceled in January 2013. Audiences were gutted to learn that the complex and progressive show was coming to an end, but the folks behind Young Justice hinted not all was lost - and it definitely wasn't.

After years of begging, fans learned that Warner Bros. Animation is working on a third season of Young Justice. The company says the series' return "promises new twists, turns and dangerous new threats for the team, but most importantly, the opportunity for fans to finally continue the adventures of some of their favorite Super Heroes."

But, sadly, they didn't say where exactly fans would be watching Young Justice when it returns. Warner Bros. stressed more details about the show's release date and network partnering would become available sooner rather than later, but fans already have some ideas about the latter concern.

Here at ComicBook.com, we've got our own suspicions as well about Young Justice's future home which you can read up on below:


Young Justice will most likely erect its new headquarters over at Netflix. Ever since the streaming site acquired rights to broadcast the series, fans have flocked to Netflix to watch Young Justice on repeat.

For almost a year now, rumors have been circulating that Netflix was interested in reviving Young Justice for a third season because of its viewership. The show's cast and crew were vocal about their interests in a revival, and all the show needed was a network to debut on.

Earlier this year, rumors about a Netflix revival grew after a Reddit user claimed her heard that writer Peter Davis was approached by Netflix about a third season of Young Justice. David shot down the accusations but did admit he had lunch with co-creator Greg Weisman who told him that Netflix was seriously considering an offer.

And, just last month, Weisman told fans at his website Station Eight that he thoughts there was a "decent chance of the show coming back" because of Netflix. He continued to say his words weren't a guarantee but that there was a "solid decent chance."

Cartoon Network/Toonami

Of course, there's always the chance that Cartoon Network would welcome the series back to its line-up. After all, Young Justice did originally premiere on the cable network back in November 2010.

However, the network was forced to cancel both Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series after three years once funding ran dry. Since Young Justice has an avid fanbase behind it these days, Cartoon Network might be willing to take a gamble on the acclaimed series yet again.

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While Hulu might seen like a non-option, the popular streaming site could certainly carry Young Justice's third season. The premium website does dabble with its own original content, and Hulu did recently confirm its new partnership with Marvel Television. The two have come together to create a Runaways series, so Hulu might be interested in adding a much-coveted DC Entertainment title to its expanding line-up.

CW Seed


If all else fails, then CW Seed could definitely take the weight of Young Justice upon its shoulders. The site, which is connected to The CW, currently houses several DC Entertainment projects like Arrow, The Flash, and more. The streaming site even has its own original animated series like Vixen and will soon debut its new show, Freedom Fighters: The Ray.

So, what do you guys think? Where do you believe Young Justice's third season will debut? Let us know your predictions in the comments below!