Wonder Woman 1984 New Look Revealed

With Birds of Prey finally in theaters, all eyes shift towards DC's Wonder Woman 1984, and now we've got a look at star Gal Gadot in her spiffy new golden armor courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Gadot is clad in the gold armor on the magazine's March cover, and that armor includes two golden wings that we get a glimpse of in the trailer. Wonder Woman is standing ready to fight and looking towards the viewer in the new cover, and she has the Golden Lasso in hand as well. Now, calling the armor golden on the cover is a bit of a misnomer, as its reflective coating allows it to look green, pink, and purple in places, fitting in with the first official poster's colorful style.

We're still not sure how or why Diana gets this new upgraded armor in the sequel, but it does look an awful lot like the armor she wore in the classic story Kingdom Come. We'll have to wait and see if any other parallels between that story and the movie show up.

In the meantime, you can check out the gorgeous new cover below.

(Photo: EW)

The colorful vibe lends itself to the 80s theme of the film, and that's something Patty Jenkins was very interested in exploring.

“Why 1984? We wanted to bring Diana into the modern world, but the '80s is a period that Wonder Woman is quite synonymous with," director Patty Jenkins said of the film's setting in a previous interview. "So it was great to see her there, but most importantly, it's sort of the height of Western civilization and the success of the world that we all live in in the aftermath of now. So I was curious to collide our Wonder Woman into the height of our current modern belief system, and what kind of villains come out of that, and see what happens. So it all came quite naturally.”


Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on June 5th.

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