Chris Pine Reportedly Spotted On 'Wonder Woman 2' Set

Wonder Woman 2 is gearing up for production, and it seems a familiar face in Chris Pine could already be on the set.

That would be a big deal if true, as Pine's Steve Trevor died in the original Wonder Woman. A DC fan happened to be near the set (close to Landmark Mall) and caught some footage of it, saying that the figure walking around was, in fact, Chris Pine.

The photos and the video are taken from further away, showing someone in a white shirt walking towards the camera. It's hard to make out anything near a likeness due to the distance, unfortunately, but odds are if he is indeed on the set more photos will eventually find their way online.

If he is on the set, that could mean one of two things. The first is a flashback sequence of some kind, showing Diana and Steve during their first mission together in new unrevealed sequences. The other would be in an almost Force Ghost-voice role, as she can see or hear him but no one else can as if it were in her mind.

The third would be that he is still, in fact, alive, which isn't something we heavily considered until the post in question was taken down, literally as this post was being typed. If that is the case, they still hid that fact in Justice League, but Diana was also rather vague about her loss in that conversation with Batman, so it does leave an opening to bring him back.


We'll have to wait and see, but Pine won't be the only interesting wrinkle to Wonder Woman 2. The film recently added Kristen Wiig to the project as Wonder Woman villain Cheetah, and we can't wait to see what Patty Jenkins does with the character.

Wonder Woman is on home video now, while Wonder Woman 2 lands in theaters on November 1, 2019.