Charles Roven Talks Impact Of 'Wonder Woman' On 'Joker' And 'Batman' Standalone Movies

Over the years, the DC Extended Universe has rode its highs and lows. The franchise has experienced its share of controversy as features like Suicide Squad left audiences confused if not irate. It was Wonder Woman that revived fans’ hope in the endeavor, and plenty look to the exceptional film as a benchmark for what DC Films can do. Still, that does not mean ever film done by DC will rely on Wonder Woman’s formula.

Recently, ComicBook got the opportunity to speak with Charles Roven, a man who has produced all of the DCEU projects thus far. When he was asked how Wonder Woman has shifted the way studio higher-ups are approaching DC Films’ next projects, Roven admitted the feature has not made much of a difference.

“I’m not actually sure that this film makes that big a difference to the other movies,” the producer said.“We want to keep the consistency of tone for this film. And, of course, Wonder Woman was in “Justice League,” and she might be in other DC movies as well.

Continuing, Roven brought up the impending standalone films based on the Joker and Batman.

“Warner Brothers has been – even before “Wonder Woman” came out – developing standalone characters, like they did with the Joker and Scorsese: they've got a project, and they've got a number of projects with a Batman standalone, and things like that, and each one of them has different directors. So it doesn't necessarily mean that there's going to be a commonality of creative synchronicity in what each one of those directors are doing.”

“The great thing about that is that that means there will be a constant freshness,” Roven stressed, nodding to the diversity of DC superheroes who can now step into their own solo ventures.

Wonder Woman was a knockout hit in its own right, but Roven wants audiences to know that there isn’t a single formula for blockbuster success. The elements which made Diana Prince’s solo outing a hit will not work for the Joker or Batman. DC Films is still figuring out what it is about those latter icons that draws fans in, but the company is more than welcome to take a couple cues from Wonder Woman. Audiences would not complain if Patty Jenkins were tasked with overseeing the Dark Knight...


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Additional reporting by Scott Huver.