Young Justice: Outsiders Finale Teases the Debut of Major DC Comics Team

The return of Young Justice: Outsiders is already over, and once again fans will have to get used to waiting for new episodes. But at least the time until Season 4 won't be nearly as long as the wait was for the show's return, as DC Universe has already announced that the show is picked up and work is underway. And with major heroes betraying the team, the Light once again on the ropes, and the threat of Darkseid and the Anti-Life Equation waiting in the wings, there will be a lot of storylines to deal with in the new episodes.

But as the final scene of Young Justice: Outsiders teased, they'll probably have some backup thanks to a group of heroes from the future. That's right, the Legion Of Super-Heroes are coming to the show.

The final three episodes just hit DC Universe, and they attempted to wrap up a lot of loose ends while setting up future threats for the next season. Cyborg hones control of his Father Box abilities and rescues Halo and the rest of the heroes from the Anti-Life Equation; Artemis receives closure years after the death of Wally West, and Prince Brion becomes King Brion after he betrays the team and takes over Markovia.

By the end of the episode, the heroes all convene to vote on their next leader of the Justice League after the abrupt resignations of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Miss Martian. The three apologize, along with Nightwing and Batman, for their secretive manipulations of the various squads of heroes in their effort to battle the Light. And in order to pull forward, they elect Black Lightning their new leader.

Then they all take a much needed break, meeting at their favorite spot of Bibbo's Diner to share a meal and some laughs, when an unseen waitress with blonde hair can be seen refilling coffees and taking orders.

The final shot of the scene closes in on her hand where the unmistakable Flight Ring of the Legion of Super-Heroes can be seen, possibly revealing Saturn Girl's first appearance in Young Justice.

young justice outsiders legion of super heroes saturn girl
(Photo: DC Universe)

The final episode of Young Justice: Invasion showed Aqualad meeting with Black Lightning and other heroes after he took over the Team, teasing his increased prominence in the Justice League as well as the addition of Black Lightning for Season 3. It's likely that Young Justice Season 4 will feature the Legion of Super-Heroes in a very prominent role as they attempt to stop the spread of the Anti-Life Equation in the past.

All episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders are now available to stream on DC Universe.