First Look at Pokemon Go Fest's In-Game Badge

Pokemon Go Fest is this Saturday, and attendees should have access to a ton of exclusive content and features. In addition to potentially catching the game's first Legendary Pokemon and catching regional-exclusive Pokemon not usually available in the United States, players who attend the event will also receive an exclusive in-game badge, the first of its kind in Pokemon Go.

On Tuesday, Pokemon Go announced a new update which should be released for both Android and Apple devices sometime before this weekend's events. Dataminers obtained an early copy of the update and discovered the Pokemon Go Fest hidden among the image assets.


The new badge features a stylized version of the Chicago skyline, complete with the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower,) Two Prudential Plaza, the Aon Center, and the Crain Communication Building. The badge also features four stars arranged in a fashion similar to Level 4 Raid notifications.

Only players who attend the event will get the new badge. It's likely that Niantic will distribute the badge to players who register on-site after the event is over, similar to how it handles event badges for its other game Ingress.

Unlike the medals that players earn for capturing Pokemon or defeating gyms, there doesn't appear to be any in-game benefit for having the badge. It's simply a signifier that the player attended Pokemon Go's first ever live event.

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