GameCube Game Listings Spotted For Nintendo Switch


New evidence has surfaced that indicates classic GameCube games might soon be playable on the Nintendo Switch.

The GameCube games would likely be released through a virtual console component of the Nintendo Switch, something that Switch owners have undoubtedly been hoping for since news started circulating that the backwards compatibility feature was first being discussed.

So far, the two games that were spotted that were older GameCube games aren’t exactly the most recognizable installments that would have fans of Nintendo games going crazy, but they’re definitely a positive sign. Doshin the Giant and Sonic Adventures DX Director’s Cut are the two games that have been sighted so far. Sonic’s games are something that any new or veteran player will recognize pretty quickly, and while Doshin the Giant might be a bit more obscure, it’s still a pretty interesting playthrough that would make a quality addition to a library of GameCube games on the Nintendo Switch.

GameCube Nintendo Switch
(Photo: GameTransfers)

Seen above, one individual says that they spotted some solid evidence that points towards an eventual release of GameCube games on the Nintendo Switch. The games were only seen in the UK’s Nintendo Store for now, but if the rumors are true about the GameCube games, it makes sense that they’d see an eventual release to other regions with many more games to follow.

As far as release dates, ratings, and other details are concerned in the brief look that we’ve gotten at the GameCube games, most of the information that goes along with the games on the site hasn’t been filled in yet. This might indicate that it could still be a while before the GameCube games are ready to roll out onto the Nintendo Switch, but their listing is promising if nothing else.

In the past, Nintendo has acknowledged fans’ request to play older games from previous consoles, something that’s certainly not exclusive to Nintendo. Backwards compatibility games have been a popular point of discussion for all three of the major gaming companies with PlayStation and Xbox both working to make older games readily available for their longtime fans.

For now, the evidence of GameCube games coming to the Nintendo Switch should be regarded as more of a rumor than a clear indication, but we’ll hopefully hear something related to virtual console news soon.

[via GameTransfers]