'Injustice 2': Lost Gear Is Being Restored With Impending Update

NetherRealm Studios just issued an official statement on its community forums to all players addressing a recent update which, for many players, wiped out all gear earned for all characters of the course of a few days.

The message reads as follows:

"Over the next few hours we’ll be rolling out a fix to return lost Gear to our affected users. You’ll need to reboot your console to get the update. Keep in mind it may take some time for your Gear to sync. Thank you for your patience!"

Short and sweet, but exactly what we needed to hear. Exactly how the engineers figured out how to get in there and restore the gear is beyond me; I'm sure it was a messy, excruciating process. For those of you who've ever tried to learn programming, you know that debugging or troubleshooting something as simple as an arithmetic calculator can make you pull your hair out. This just goes to show that NetherRealm is still one of best developers in the industry right now, consistently proving that it's listening to its fans and giving them what they ask for.

The ill-fated update, at first, wiped out every piece of gear for every single character across the board. It was soon discovered that a simple reboot restored most gear. Only gear earned after September 25th, and before the update, went missing. For many players, though, that meant that shaders or skins that they had purchased and a good bit of Legendary Gear had gone up in smoke. It wouldn't have been the end of the world for most players if it was deemed unrecoverable, but it would have been a huge deal to a select few.

We're glad this story had a happy ending.