Mario Could Get Another Adventure On The Nintendo Switch After Super Mario Odyssey


Tomorrow, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to return to a golden era, when 3D platformers based on the Super Mario universe were all the rage. We all remember our first time we played Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64, and that good ol’ feeling will return when Super Mario Odyssey is released.

But this could very well be just the beginning for Mario’s adventures on the Switch, as the game’s director believes that there could be a return for the hero sooner rather than later.

Usually, each Nintendo platform only sees one big Mario adventure in its lifetime, though there are exceptions to the rule, like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 coming to the Wii, not to mention New Super Mario Bros. with its 2D set-up. So, yes, there’s room for another Mario adventure on the Switch.

Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi noted as such, explaining, “I’m obviously considering lots of things for the future. In terms of Super Mario Odyssey and whether there would be a sequel, the first game hasn’t even come out yet, so it’s very tough to say at this stage whether there would be a sequel or not. I’m first and foremost just hoping that Super Mario Odyssey is a success.

“And secondly, yeah, with the Nintendo Switch life cycle again it’s very early – who knows how things will turn out? As you say, in the past maybe there’s been one 3D title per hardware generation on average, but I wouldn’t say that’s a hard-and-fast rule that would have to be adhered to.”

In order words, anything is possible, though nothing is official. Personally, we’d be happy to check out a third chapter in the Super Mario Galaxy series for Nintendo Switch, and be just as content with a variation of Super Mario 3D World or New Super Mario Bros., depending on what the publisher has in mind.

For now, though, we’ve got plenty of Super Mario joy to go around with Odyssey, which is getting stellar reviews before its release.

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Super Mario Odyssey releases tomorrow for Nintendo Switch. Pick it up if you can, because its success means more Mario in the future!