Resident Evil: Revelations 1 And 2 For Nintendo Switch Gets Fresh New Details


Later on this month, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to get creeped out with Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2, a twin-pack that features both adventures, along with a handful of other bonuses that they won’t get enough of. Now, thanks to Inside Games, we’ve found even more details on the upcoming ports.

First off, the games are actually based on the new HD versions of Revelations that were released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a while back, and they’ll run at a smooth frame rate – Revelations will be around 60 FPS, while Revelations 2 will be slightly less. The TV version will be at 1080p resolution, while handheld will run at 720p, so they’ll both still look great.

In addition, the game will also feature JoyCon support with both motion controls and HD Rumble, should they want to play that way. There are various motion controls you can take advantage of, such as slashing someone with a strike or even reloading your weapon. If you prefer, you can play the “normal” way as well, with a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or the typical handheld set-up, so you’re not limited. JoyCon share play will also be available with Resident Evil Revelations 2, and you can play local co-op with a friend, if they have their Nintendo Switch console handy.

The games will feature all previously released DLC in the package, so you don’t have to worry about downloading anything extra to feel like you’re getting the complete package. There will also be support with multiple languages in both voice and text.

It sounds like the ports of Resident Evil Revelations for the Nintendo Switch will really be something special, based on these features and the previously revealed mini-games that will get you in a retro frame of mind to play. We’ll have to see how the final releases hold up when the package arrives later this month, but don’t expect nothing less than the loving treatment Capcom usually gives these classics. Now, if we can just get more, like a port of Okami HD.

Resdident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 releases on November 28th for Nintendo Switch.