Victorious Graves and His Chromas Are Releasing in the Next League of Legends Patch

League of Legends Victorious Graves
(Photo: Riot Games)

The Victorious skin for Graves will be going out to all League of Legends players who met the required rank during the upcoming Patch 7.22.

After a couple of teasers previewed the skin and League players attempted to guess who this year’s Victorious skin would be given to, many were proven correct when it was revealed that Graves would be the lucky recipient. The marksman jungler may not have been quite as relevant in the latter half of the 2017 season, but towards the beginning, he proved to be quite a threat with his skirmishing nature and ranged attacks.

If you reached a minimum of the Gold rank during this year’s season, you’ll be able to take part in the Victorious festivities with no other effort required from you. You’ll receive the skin even if you can barely squeeze into Gold V by the time the ranked season officially ends, so if you’re just lacking a few more wins to get you there, you still have a bit of time to make the final push.

While Graves is looking quite dapper in his golden outfit above, he’ll look even better depending on what chroma you own to customize the skin. You won’t be able to purchase these chromas though as the ones that you’ll get depend entirely on the queue(s) that you reached Gold in. There are three different chromas in all, each of them tied to the different queues that are listed below:

  • 3v3 – Sapphire
  • Flex – Obsidian
  • Solo/Duo – Pearl
League of Legends Victorious Graves Chromas
(Photo: Riot Games)

If you reached Gold in more than one of these queues, you’ll receive more than one Chroma, but this is the only way that you’ll be able to have any of these queue-exclusive chromas.

Graves isn’t the only champion that’s receiving a new skin in the latest patch though as Blitzcrank and Rengar will also be the lucky owner of new skins, Blitzrank receiving two of them himself. Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank, Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank, and Mecha Rengar will all roll out onto Summoner’s Rift in Patch 7.22, and you can see more about the three skins and their mechanized looks here.