'Pokemon' Anime Recreates Touching Scene from Games

Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon just recreated one of the game's most touching memories.

The longrunning Pokemon anime is in the middle of a major arc involving the Aether Foundation, Ultra Beasts, and the mystery of Nebby, a mysterious Pokemon found by Ash in the forest outside of his school. In recent episodes, Ash witnessed as his friend Lillie's mother Lusamine was captured by an Ultra Beast named Nihilego and dragged into Ultra Space. Lillie, her brother Gladion, and Ash then traveled to the Altar of the Sunne in order to open an Ultra Wormhole and rescue Lusamine.

Nebby was the key to reaching Ultra Space, as its evolution into Cosmoem caused an Ultra Wormhole to open. So, the group brought the dormant Nebby to the Altar of the Sunne, hoping that the ancient grounds would trigger some sort of reaction.

When the group arrived at the Altar of the Sunne, they were met by the four Alolan Guardian Pokemon, who triggered Nebby to evolve a second time. This time, Nebby transformed into Solgaleo - a powerful Legendary Pokemon. While Solgaleo greeted Ash with a friendly lick, Lillie and Solgaleo had a more touching moment, pressing their heads together in gentle acknowledgement.

Those who played through Pokemon Sun might recognize the scene from the game's post-credits, when Lillie reconnected with Nebby. In the games, Lillie was Nebby's guardian and spent most of her time protecting the rare Pokemon from her mother...who was much more evil in the games than in the anime series.

While the anime's version of Lillie and Nebby don't have quite the relationship as their game counterparts, it was still a great moment and one more reason why Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon is a must watch for Pokemon fans.