The Game Awards Become More Interactive with Real-Time Twitch Voting

game awards

The Game Awards are about to become much more interactive thanks to Twitch Extensions and some popular streamers.

Gamers can already vote on which games they think will take home the prestigious honors during The Game Awards, but the voting will also extend right up to the time that the show airs with the help of Muxy, a company that creates tools for streamers to utilize during their broadcasts. During the awards show, those watching the proceedings through their favorite streamers’ channels will able to interact with the extensions in order to vote for who they think will win.

In addition to the normal interactive voting, viewers will also be able to compete on their streamer’s team in a friendly competition against other streamers. By voting through a streamer’s channel, you’ll join their team, and each streamer with voters that correctly decide which game will earn each rewards will net the team a point on a leaderboard for The Game Awards. Streamers can also choose to opt into a co-stream with other broadcasters to go head-to-head against each other and connect the community even further.

Outside of the interactive votes, Twitch is also working to create more in-game loot opportunities for Warframe. The viewing platform occasionally offers in-game loot to gamers who watch certain events for titles like Rocket League and other games, and those who play Warframe can earn special Twitch Drops if they watch half an hour of The Game Awards after connecting their accounts.

From Game of the Year to the Best Esports Team around, the voting for The Game Awards will consist of just about every possible honor that you can imagine. The nominations for the awards are ripe with returning powerhouses like Call of Duty’s latest game as well as newcomers like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. You can see more of the nominations here, and you can go ahead and vote now for who you think will win before you’re able to vote live via Twitch during the actual awards show.