The Game Awards Will Include an Announcement About a Sixth Entry in a Major Franchise


Update: A misunderstanding of a quote from Keighley during the podcast led to the incorrect belief that the sixth entry in a major franchise would be revealed during The Game Awards. Kotaku clarified Keighley's comments with a transcript of the conversation:

Geoff: The new thing this year is also looking at some of the existing games that are service-based, that have meaningful updates. So it’s not announcing a new game, but like PUBG, we’re gonna reveal the new desert map for the first time, and gameplay on that, which is a massive update for a heavily played game. So it’s not announcing a new game, but it’s a first look at a game that’s had a big impact this year.

That kind of stuff is part of what we’re thinking about now. It’s not just about the ‘30-second CG teaser for insane franchise sequel #6,’ which some people want—

Kirk: I definitely want to play insane franchise sequel number 6, that sounds like a great game.

Jason: Oh I was thinking about Insane, the game that Guillermo del Toro was doing that was canceled.

Geoff: So that’s a long-winded answer, but it’s different every year, we ask for a lot of stuff and we don’t get it all.

Original story below:

The Game Awards already has an impressive lineup of big reveals and prestigious awards on its schedule, but more news on a major franchise’s next game has also been teased for the show.

From naming the best game of the year to previewing upcoming games and content, The Game Awards is a hybrid between a massive video game conference and the industry’s biggest awards show. Several reveals have already been previewed or heavily teased, such as the numerous signs that point towards Death Stranding being showcased during the awards shows, but others like this mysterious announcement about a sixth installment in a franchise are being kept under wraps.

Speaking to Kotaku as part of their Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, Geoff Keighley, the creator and producer of The Game Awards, talked about the show and everything that it’s come to be. During his discussion, Keighley mentioned that they’d have a brief teaser during the show, a 30-second preview of a sixth game in what he referred to as an “insane” franchise.

The news that the sixth game in a series will be revealed is enough to start stirring up excitement about what it might be, but without much more information to go off of, it’s hard to predict what Keighley might be previewing for the awards show. You could look towards any franchise with the fifth game as its most recent entry to guess what it’ll be – Halo and Metal Gear Solid might come to mind – but one idea that seems to carry a bit more weight than others is that the announcement could be related to Soul Calibur VI.

Just recently, a leak hinted at an upcoming reveal for the next entry in the fighting game series along with news about Devil May Cry and other franchises. According to the leak, the reveal of the next Soul Calibur game is expected to come sometime in December. With PlayStation Experience immediately following The Game Awards, the month is ripe for opportunities for a reveal, but we’ll likely just have to wait until the awards show on Dec. 7 to see what’s being teased.