Destiny 2 Player Makes His Own Infinite Forest


Imagine - and Infinite Forest that is actually infinite! One Destiny 2 player decided to make his own forest creation in an effort to expand upon the Curse of Osiris DLC now live in the popular MMO shooter.

The actual in-game forest is anything but infinite, so one player took to the challenge to create his own endless maze of in-game content - and in just two days! The aspiring developer and avid Destiny player goes by the name of Pheonise and his impressive makeshift forest gives players that endless playground they were hoping for. How he achieved this feat is no less impressive.

Pheonise generated levels that were in turn broken up by random events - this could be done using boss fights, puzzles, etc - that results in a loot box. Players confronted with this loot box could continue on in the laybrinth, or leave the forest. By choosing to stay, the cycle continues in a never ending loop of events making the area truly live up to its name "Infinite Forest".

"It's moments before/after New Year 2018 here in Australia now, so I thought I'd kick it off with a video about Destiny 2's Infinite Forest, and a practical demonstration about one of the ways could have been done to make it better! I wasn't planning on releasing this, but figured it would be a waste of effort if I just let it sit unseen. The video was whipped together pretty quickly, so, sorry for the quality, but I didn't want to spend more time on this than I already had. I'm not exactly gifted with a silver tongue, so some things might come across not as intended, so let me quickly say: I think all the programmers, developers, visual and sound artists and designers, have all done a phenomenal job; I think the ones calling the shots have failed to deliver a game."

Though a few places in the video above are unpolished, Pheonise acknowledges this in his video caption. Regardless of a few rough edges, this concept was done up in just two days - by an amateur - that's insane!