Bayonetta 3 Rumored For A Summer 2018 Release


Since the Bayonetta 3 announcement at last year's Game Awards, rumors have been swirling as to when we get this highly anticipated title. With a January Nintendo Direct in the cards, the rumor mill is in full swing, the latest giving us an alleged Summer release window.

The report in question comes from one Redditor users whose sources have been "confirmed" by the moderators of the r/NintendoSwitch thread. According to his alleged insider information:

"I cannot personally reveal my source, but I have it on good authority from a reliable source that Bayonetta 3 will be released this year, maybe this summer. It will not be released later than 2018 barring a disaster.

I have confirmed my sources with the mods, u/FlapSnapple gave me the go ahead for this, so they can vouch for it. I’m sorry but I can’t say much more other than watch out for the Nintendo Direct because Bayonetta 3 will be one of those placeholder games that Nintendo is preparing to release. This direct may be Nintendo’s E3 if what we’ve heard is true."

There are a ton of rumors going on now about the Nintendo Switch and its 2018 line up, but as with any juicy detail leaked - it's important to take this information with a grain of salt. The best information is the info confirmed by the source itself. We have reached out to Nintendo for further comment, but until then - the speculation is fun to dive into. Especially so with all of the unnamed Nintendo Switch listings that were abruptly taken down on Amazon - this makes us wonder what other huge announcements that the Big N has in store.

We do know that the first Nintendo Direct is very hush hush and is expected to reveal some very important information. Could this be our Bayonetta confirmation? Will we see even more Bethesda titles make it over to the hybrid console? All of those questions, and more, will be answered at an undisclosed date later this month.