Analyst Predicts Star Wars Battlefront II Will Rebound Despite Controversy


Star Wars Battlefront II experience a turbulent release with controversy paving the way for the game, but despite those issues, analyst Michael Pachter believes that the game will pull through in sales.

From loot boxes to the in-game economy, EA’s latest Star Wars game made headlines for all the wrong reasons before its release. EA worked to resolve the issues after players’ feedback voiced more than a few concernsBottom of Form. The game still hovered around the top spots on weekly sales, but it still released to a weaker reception due to the controversy. Still, Pachter says that the Star Wars name will be enough to carry the game forward, especially with the release of the latest movie and the holiday season that no doubt brought about plenty of Battlefront II purchases.

“The sell-off in recent weeks appears overdone," Pachter said on Tuesday (via CNBC). "Although Star Wars Battlefront II had a weaker-than-expected debut in terms of its domestic physical sell-through, we believe that the loyalty of the Star Wars fan base, the game's appeal as a holiday gift, and the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15 will result in sales of the game bouncing back in the December retail month.”

Referencing the release of the game, Pachter mentioned the microtransaction (MTX) model as one of the decisive factors that slowed the momentum of the game despite EA’s revision of the system prior to the game’s release.

“The initial catalyst was weaker-than-expected Q3:18 guidance, which suggested sagging expectations for Star Wars Battlefront II," Pachter said. "Downward pressure was exacerbated by criticism of the title's MTX model, which EA pulled before launch, as well as a broader sector sell-off."

EA has other titles in the future for players to look forward to, but the reports of December and January’s sales of the game should indicate whether the game will rebound as Pachter theorized.