Super Meat Boy Nintendo Switch Sales Crush Expectations, Switch Features Coming to PC


The Nintendo Switch continues on into 2018 on a high note with impressive sales and an ever growing library. With Super Meat Boy now on the hybrid control, the indie title has absolutely shredded expectations and fared impressively, especially compared to its original Xbox 360 sales.

The 'Team Meat' Twitter account took to social media to spread the good news and fans of the darling title couldn't get enough of it!

Some of the fan reactions were pretty great too:

To go along with one of the above comments about the Switch being the perfect platform for Indie gaming, Team Meat also agreed by provided a warning as well, "As of right now, yes. I hope that continues but any market with an influx of products is bound to become bloated without careful curation."

For those Super Meat Boy fans that have no desire to play the game on Switch, or even own the hybrid console, there's good news still. Some of the Nintendo Switch exclusive features will be making their way onto the PC platform, confirms the developing team, including the new RACE MODE that gives a two-player, split-screen experience. At this time, it's only available for the Switch but that will chance soon for PC players.

Super Meat Boy is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.