Riot Games API Is Coming to League of Legends' Garena Servers

(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends players active on the game’s Garena servers will soon be able to utilize the Riot Games API with Riot bringing a beta version to the servers soon.

Riot Games announced the transition into the Garena region in a developer update that detailed the plans for the process that’ll first begin with limited tests and will later open up to other developers.

“We are really happy to announce that the Riot API is coming to the Garena region!” said Riot Git Gene. The Beta version of the API will include the champion-mastery, champion, league, summoner, and third-party-code endpoints with match history and spectator coming later. Our team is already working with OP.GG and Garena to in order to test the deployment of these endpoints and OP.GG will be releasing a version of their tools for the region shortly, so check with OP.GG for more details at Once we feel we have gathered enough data from this Beta test, it will be opened up to all developers.”

While many players might not know what the Riot API is, seeing the name of sights like OP.GG might make its use seem a bit more familiar. The tool allows developers to use official Riot Games data such as the champion mastery, rank, and other stats of players as described above, all of which can be found through sites like OP.GG. Players can easily be searched to quickly figure out who they play the most, what rank they are, and various other stats. When you start a game and a teammate says to watch out for a player because they’re a high rank but you didn’t notice a ranked border, it means a site using the Riot API was probably used to gain that information.

The Garena site on OP.GG isn’t fully live at the moment, though there is some placeholder text that lists the servers that will be participating in the test.

“We are very thrilled to announce that OP.GG is developing a beta site for Southeast Asia region servers, published by Garena,” the OP.GG site for Garena servers reads. “The following servers will be a part of our beta test:”

  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam