Pokemon Go Announces Valentine's Day Event

Get ready to catch a lot of heart-shaped Pokemon.

Pokemon Go just announced details for its annual Valentine's Day event, which will run from today through February 15th. During this time period, Luvdisc will pop up in mass quantities all over the world. Players will get three times as much XP as they normally would during this event. Players will also get a 3x Stardust bonus for every Chansey they catch, and it appears that Chansey is also spawning at higher rates than usual.

Luvdisc are a Water-Type Pokemon shaped like a heart lying on its side. Luvdisc is known as the "rendezvous" Pokemon and is often associated with love and romance in Pokemon lore. According to the Pokedex, a couple finding this Pokémon will be blessed with eternal love.

On the surface, this year's Valentine's Day event feels a little...muted compared to last year, which ramped up the spawn rates of several pink Pokemon. However, the triple Stardust bonus should be enough to keep a lot of players happy, especially coupled with Pokemon Go's other current promotions. Players can currently buy certain in-game item bundles at a discount in the game's store, and Lure Modules last for an extended period of time. Please note that a player using a Star Piece will have that bonus stack on top of the Valentine's Day event's bonus, giving players even more Stardust for each catch.

There's also a surprise waiting for trainers who hunt down these heart-shaped Pokemon over the next couple of days. We've seen preliminary reports that there are Shiny Luvdisc are also now appearing in Pokemon Go. A Shiny Luvdisc is gold-colored instead of pink, and are considered incredibly rare.

The Valentine's Day event means that players are getting back to back events. A special "Hoenn" event ran from last Friday until today, in which only Gen 3 Pokemon spawned all over the world. This gave players a better opportunity to catch some of the new Pokemon that Pokemon Go added to the game last weekend. Pokemon Go also has a Community Day mini-event on February 24th.

The event will only last until Feburary 15th, so get out there and catch as many heart-shaped Pokemon as you can!