New Rampage Trailer Teases Mega Monster Showdown With a Surprising Twist

Rampage hits theaters on April 20, and this morning, we finally got our hands on a third official trailer for the film. Now we know that people are suckers for novelty, but we really do believe that this trailer is the best of the bunch so far. We actually get a pretty intimate look at George's character, and at the end of the trailer, you guys are going to freak out at a short clip of the massive silverback gorilla George, and David Okoye (played by Dwayne Johnson), teaming up to take on some genetically enhanced super-monsters.

Until today, we weren't sure whether we should consider George as a villain or not. It was always plain that Johnson and writer Ryan Engle wanted to portray a close bond between Okoye and George, but after George's mutation, we just assumed that this would transform into a straight-up monster movie. Now we're seeing that might not be the case.

We enjoy a few new scenes here which depict Okoye communicating with George even after his transformation, and you can see by the look in their eyes that they're still fighting to see the friendship between each other, despite the 'enhancements' that have taken over George's body and mind. We have no idea how it happens, but at the end of the trailer we see Okoye and George team up to take on a massive, rampaging croc. The shot of George pounding his chest and roaring behind a determined, mean-mugging Dwayne Johnson gave this writer chills. It may have actually triggered some adrenaline; I may need to go punch something.

So now I officially know that this is not a movie that I can go see with my wife. I know for a fact that they're going to make me care about this gorilla, and as an animal person, that means that at some point I'm probably going to cry. Additionally, I now know that things are going to escalate to superhero-movie levels of mass destruction as enhanced monsters are pitted against each other in fist-to-fist, tooth-to-claw combat. Cities are going to be leveled, roars are going to fill the theater, and the adrenaline rush is going to make me stand up and embarrass myself. I can't wait.

We'll keep you guys updated with more Rampage footage as soon as we can get our claws on it. Stay tuned!