Pokemon Switch Starter "Leaks" Hit the Internet Again

A 4chan user has posted what they claim is reference artwork featuring the starter Pokemon of the upcoming Pokemon Switch game.

Earlier today, a user on the /vp/ 4chan messageboard posted pieces of reference artwork for what they claim are the starters of the next Pokemon game. The art shows a Grass-Type Pokemon based on a lemur, a Fire-Type Pokemon based on a rabbit, and a Water-Type Pokemon based on a platypus.

You can check out the designs below:

More likely than not, these are probably "fakemon," Pokemon designed by a fan artist. After all, the Pokemon Company just released a Pokemon based on a lemur (Passimian) in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and the rabbit Pokemon looks a little too similar to Bunnelby. However, we have to admit that these designs look exceptional, especially the Water-Type Platypus.

Releasing fake leaks is a popular pastime in the Pokemon community, especially during the build-up to a game. It seems like there are a few relatively legitimate looking leaks released every month, which makes it difficult to determine when a real leak comes along. As we've seen in the lead up to Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon X and Y, and Pokemon Black and White, some Pokemon leaks are real, although it usually takes months to definitively sort fact from fiction.


Pokemon that were actually leaked online include Decidueye, Incineroar, Primarina, and Greninja. All of these leaks were met with a high amount of skepticism from the community until the Pokemon Company officially revealed those Pokemon. Most of the new Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White also had their Japanese names and types leaked a couple of months before the game's release.

As of right now, we haven't been able to find an artist claiming responsibility for these leaks, but Pokemon fans should still treat these designs as nothing more than a rumor. We'll provide some follow-up once the leaks are proven to be false....or real.