StarCraft II Turned into a 25 Chapter Horror Survival Game Thanks to This Total Conversion Mod

The StarCraft franchise is another wildly beloved series from the team over at Blizzard and while we were all busy constructing additional pylons, one team has been working to bring a little something new to the experience.

The latest project revolving around our highly revered StarCraft II title comes from the team behind Dead Zone - Hope Lost. This project take StarCraft and converts it into a 25-chapter horror survival game that comes equipped with incredible places to explore and five possible endings for players to uncover. This total conversion mod is all built within Legacy of the Void, which was a standalone expansion in itself.


Though the project itself isn't totally complete yet, the team working tirelessly on it have provided a few interesting insights into the progress being made. The video above shows off how the combat will work, as well the cyclic day/night mechanics to provide further immersion. The project itself will be fully voice-acted, as well as a few other key surprises that have yet to be revealed.

  • - A dense horror atmosphere unlike anything else seen in Starcraft 2 thanks to a large amout of custom assets, enviromental systems and intricate sound design.
  • - A great world made up of huge locations.
  • - No linearity of the plot, 3 independent main themes, it's up to you which story will become the main theme.
  • - 5 different endings.
  • - An epic tale of survival and hope in a destroyed world.
  • - Plot divided into 25 chapters.
  • - Fully voiced characters.
  • - Own home, the history of which is in itself a mystery to be solved.
  • - Frightening sound and ambient effects.
  • - Over 200 types of items, about 10 weapons, each with the possibility of over 30 modifications.
  • - Unique items.
  • - Day and night system.
  • - Custom Assets.
  • - Weather system, storms, rains, sandstorms, sunny mornings and poisonous fogs.
  • - A-life system. Monsters get tired, they hunt during the night, react to noise, travel between locations.
  • - A lot of emphasis on stealth. Fight when you have no choice. Avoid clashes with infested groups.
  • - Unusual, original features of monsters and their design.

All of the above information comes courtesy of the project's official Moddb page, which can be seen right here!