Octopath Traveler Release Date Announced, Two More Characters Revealed

During the recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo and Square Enix revealed several exciting new features about Octopath Traveler, which is the final name of the game that used to be called Project Octopath Traveler. The biggest news is that you can finally get your hands on this gorgeous new RPG on July 13. Check out the new trailer footage above!

Nintendo also revealed two new characters, who had never been seen before. The first is named Tressa. She's a merchant whose path action is "purchase," which allows her to buy unique items from the people who she encounters in her travels. The other new character, Alfyn, is an apothecary. Alfyn's path action is "inquire," which will enable him to connect to the people who he meets on a deeper level, and uncover new information from them.

Nintendo also detailed a gorgeous special edition of the game. Octopath Traveler: Wayfarer's Edition will come with the game, a stylized pop-up art book, a detailed cloth map, a sound selections CD, and a replica coin based on the game's currency. Check it out:

(Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo went into a little bit of detail about the job system as well, which sounds like it will add some significant depth to the battle and progress systems. Each character will begin his or her path as a particular class, but as you progress you'll be able to customize your character an additional class. By adding another class you'll be able to learn new skills and abilities to diversify your offense and defense.

For those of you who have just stumbled upon Octopath Traveler, this is perhaps the most unique RPG we've seen come out of Japan in a long time. The team at Square Enix is utilizing a brilliant new 2D HD visual engine which blends old-school pixel art with brilliant modern lighting effects. The result is absolutely breathtaking, and we can't wait to see and play more.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you can download the Project Octopath Traveler demo from the Nintendo Switch eShop right now to see what you think!



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