Kingdom Hearts 3 Teases Even More About Upcoming Keyblade Transformations


We've had a lot of teasers lately about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 game and with each one, our hope flares a little bit brighter that we might actually get to see this game in our lifetimes. Now the director is back with yet another teaser and this time, it's all about those powerful keyblades!

We've gotten a few sneak peaks throughout recent months about the keyblade transformations that we'll see in-game thanks to some of the more recent trailers, but now director Tetsuya Nomura wants to give us a little more concrete information. Or, we guess, more hair information ...

With Tangled being one of the featured worlds in the upcoming game, it makes sense that they would implement her hair into a weapon type and that ties into the Mirage Staff transformations. In addition to Rapunzel's badassery, Nomura lightly touched on the fact that each keyblade will have a unique form and at least two different transformations that can be activated. Though he didn't go into too much detail on how said activations work, we do know that they will be combo related - which isn't that surprising for long-term Kingdom Hearts fans.

In other Kingdom Hearts III news, there is at least one more world yet to be revealed, but we did get to see a few more Keyblades in action, as well as more on the Gummi Ship and how players will be able to customize it to their liking in the video at the bottom of this article. You can't explore a vast, open world without a tricked out ship, after all.

According to Game Watch, here's the breakdown regarding where the game is at completion-wise:

  • Character production and animation - Complete
    • Additional snippets still being added.
  • Environmentals
    • First part of the game - 90% complete
    • Second part of the game - 60-70% complete

Kingdom Hearts III is currently slated for a release sometime later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players.

What are your thoughts on the Kingdom Hearts 3 tid-bits so far? What world are you hoping to see added into the new game? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us all of those juicy theories!

(via GamingBolt)