Epic Dungeons & Dragon Statue Will Have You Trembling in Fear


A new Dungeons & Dragons statue will give you flashbacks of your worst encounter with a fire breathing dragon.

Earlier this week, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles opened up pre-orders for two different statue versions of Klauth the Red Dragon, the first in a planned series of Dungeons & Dragons collectibles.

Klauth the Red Dragon is one of the oldest and most dangerous creatures on the Sword Coast, one of the more popular campaign settings in the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse. Klauth's body is covered in scars from some of his epic encounters over the years, but they only serve as a reminder that he hasn't been killed...yet.

One of the reasons Klauth is so dangerous is that he spends much of his time using his scrying spells to learn as much as he can about the residents of the Faerun. Not only does this allow him to monitor potential threats, it also means that he probably knows more about the region than any other creature. This not only means that he can snuff out enemies, it also gives him a valuable bargaining tool with foes he'd rather not fight.

The Klauth statue has two versions: a normal version and an exclusive "Open Wing" variant. Both versions of the Klauth statue stand over two feet tall and depict Klauth standing on top of a castle, its mouth open and ready to blast flames on anyone who dares to cross him. The "Open Wing" variant shows Klauth with its wings spread wide and ready to fly into the sky, while the normal version has Klauth's wings closed.

Both versions also have LED lighting to illuminate Klauth's castle....and his gaping mouth.


The Klauth statue is impressively detailed, and it's also not cheap. The normal version costs $699.99 and is limited to just 200 copies. The "Open Wing" variant costs a whopping $999.99 and has already sold out of its limited edition 50 copies. Pop Culture Shock Collectibles does have its wait list open for the "Open Wing" variant, so it's possible that you can still get one if someone else doesn't pay up.

If you want one of these amazing statues, you can put a deposit down here. Getting one of these would definitely solidify your spot as a Dungeons & Dragons superfan, although it's probably too big to use as a miniature in one of your tabletop games.