Square Enix Talks Nintendo Switch, 3DS Versions of Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest

The publishers at Square Enix talked up a storm about Dragon Quest XI in a closed-doors presentation at PAX East last week, and showcased what fans have to look forward to with the prolonged demo. But one question that came up -- and was left unanswered -- was the fate of the Nintendo Switch version. It’s still in the works, but the publisher didn’t have anything to say about it at the time.

However, thanks to DualShockers, we’ve learned a little more about what to expect from that version of the game, which will follow behind the PlayStation 4 version once it releases. And oddly enough, it seems to have more in common with the PS4 version than you might think.

Producer Hokuto Okamoto explained that the forthcoming Switch version will use the PlayStation 4 version as a template, so it should be just as high-quality as that version whenever it does arrive.

But then the question arose about the 3DS version of the game, and Okamoto decided to explain why it won’t see a U.S. release, unlike the previous Dragon Quest games.

He noted that “one of the concepts behind the creation of Dragon Quest XI is the culmination of thirty years of history for the franchise,” according to the author, Giuseppe Nelva. “The team wanted existing fans to experience the game while giving new players an opportunity to enjoy it. Considering that there hasn’t been a mainline Dragon Quest game on home console for about thirteen years, the team looked at what could be the best way to bring it to the overseas market, and they truly felt that the PS4 and Steam version would serve as the best outlet to that end.” Hence, no 3DS.

That said, the Switch version will eventually follow in the West but it was noted that it will take a “long time” for it to arrive. Okamoto noted that at the game of development, the DSK (software development kit) for the system wasn’t available within Unreal Engine 4, so it could take a little longer. But yes, that version is still coming.


Dragon Quest XI will release later this year for PlayStation 4 and PC/Steam.

(Hat tip to DualShockers for the info!)