Wave Race Producer Hints at the Series' Return On Nintendo Switch

Wave Race

Nintendo could have a number of surprises on hand in a couple of months when it holds its usual E3 “Digital Event” video. We’ve already heard about a possible new 1080 Snowboarding game, and we already know that Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 should be part of the presentation. But now, another long-lost classic may be ready to, ahem, make waves.

The Wave Race series originally got its start on Nintendo 64, becoming a cult classic with its realistic racing physics, fun arcade-style gameplay and sharp visuals. But then it returned on the GameCube with Wave Race: Blue Storm and attracted even more fans. Sadly, we haven’t seen it since -- but that could be changing soon.

While speaking with Fandom during the 14th British Academy Games Awards last week, Nintendo developer and Wave Race producer Shinya Takahashi hinted that the series might be making a return. And the Nintendo Switch seems like an ideal platform for said return, if we do say so ourselves.

“You may see that game again,” he noted when it came to the return of Wave Race. “We have been trying to make many games, so that may be one of them. And I personally love Wave Race.” (Hey, Takahashi-san, we all do, buddy. We all do.)

Now this isn’t a confirmation by any means, so don’t get your Switch ready to coast through Dolphin Park just yet. But considering that it’s still got a fairly popular legacy on the Nintendo front these days, a return wouldn’t be a bad thing in the least. In fact, between this and 1080, we could feel the rush of Nintendo 64 greatness all over again.

We’ll see what the company has planned in just a few months, but it’s already noted that several surprises are being cooked up for the Switch and possibly the 3DS, so Wave Race could easily be among them. We’ll certainly keep you informed of whatever gets announced as they come around.


If you want to check out Wave Race’s goodness in the meantime, the original Nintendo 64 game can be downloaded on the Wii U, and you can always check out the original game on N64 as well, if you’re in a retro state of mind. And who isn’t these days?

(Hat tip to Gematsu for the details!)