Nintendo May Be Looking To Replace Its Left Joy Con Controllers For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Even though the Nintendo Switch has been making a killing between top-selling hardware and a sensational line-up of games, there are some that don’t think too hot about the system.

This comes in the form of consumers that are having trouble with the left Joy Con controller (usually blue or grey) that comes with the system. Some consumers have reported that they’ve had problems with the controller, as it’s not responding in some cases, though it’s not common enough to really worry about.

That said, Nintendo is still concerned about the instances that have happened with the controller, and it appears that it’s ready to do something about it. Per this report from NintendoLife, the publisher recently filed a new document with the Federal Communications Commission, and while it doesn’t say specifically what’s being fixed, there’s a good chance we could see a new build of the left Joy Con controller.

So how new will it be? Well, one thing that the publisher could finally be looking at is replacing the buttons that are taking the place of a traditional D-pad with an actual one, meaning better control for certain games that enable its use. Nintendo didn’t say anything about this yet, but that could be the case -- and an announcement could come in a few weeks’ time, maybe even as soon as E3, where the company will have a video presentation set to go before the show.

Forbes had previously inquired with Nintendo about the complaints that have been filed regarding the controller, to which the company responded, “The number is not significant. The total number of repair or replacement requests for Nintendo Switch, including for Joy-Con, is consistent with what we’ve seen for any new hardware Nintendo has launched.”


But it sounds like they’re still looking into the issue, and hopefully will make a better controller as a result. That said, will we see some kind of exchange program for old D-pad controllers? We’ll have to see what the big “N” has in mind. For now, though, it never hurts to invest in a secondary Pro Controller -- which seems to be the way some prefer to play anyhow.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.