Fortnite Outperforming PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds On Mobile By 5-To-1


As if the battle between PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite wasn’t heated enough on PC and consoles, the two Battle Royale games are also duking it out on mobile -- and there appears to be a pretty clear winner thus far.

Based on this report from Sensor Tower, Tencent’s mobile port of PUBG had solid first week revenue, but they were minor compared to what Fortnite earned outside of China. It notes that Fortnite made five times what PUBG did in its opening week.

Players spent a reported $1 million on both versions of PUBG’s mobile game, which isn’t too shabby (The iOS version was dominant with $700,000 spent overall). But in the same time frame, Fortnite managed to attain $3.7 million.

The report noted that 48 percent of PUBG’s overall mobile revenue managed to come from players in the U.S., although revenue was also reported for Thailand (seven percent), Great Britain (five percent), Canada (four percent) and Russia (three percent).

PUBG Mobile did have a slight advantage out of the gate. It managed to get the jump on Fortnite a couple of days early, resulting in 22 million iOS players installing the game outside of China. At the time, Fortnite only had 3.7 million downloads, due to the fact it was still in invite-only status. That said, Fortnite caught up anyway, with players spending more in their game -- thus the higher revenue total.

Fortnite 2
(Photo: Sensor Tower)

Fortnite is more popular on PC and console than PUBG at present and that, coupled with the fact that purchases made in the game on mobile carry over to other platforms’ versions, may be helping its iOS revenue,” said Randy Nelson, who serves as Sensor Tower’s head of mobile insights. “There’s also the possibility that the way Epic Games has structured its purchases may be giving Fortnite a leg up on its biggest competitor. It offers limited-time costumes and set daily items that players can purchase outright, as opposed to PUBG Mobile’s primary use of loot boxes that produce random (and often duplicate) items when opened by players.”


This battle will only continue on in the weeks ahead, as both PUBG Corp. and Epic Games continue to optimize their games to maximum efficiency. But at the moment, there’s no stopping the Fortnite train.

Both games are available now.