New Evil Dead 'Endless Nightmare' VR Experience Announced


Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare is a surprisingly chilling first person experience that allows players to fully immerse themselves in the horror of Evil Dead right from their phones. The action was intense and now players can find themselves locked within this universe in a way that was never before possible with the announcement that this play experience is moving over into the Virtual Reality realm.

"Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare will offer fans a truly unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves within the Evil Dead universe unlike ever before. With 360 degree sound and vision the players can roam freely around the Evil Dead world. Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare will offer players a thrilling experience in first person mode inside the infamous cabin and engage them taking on Deadites in the surrounding forest," the developers revealed.

Viktorya Hollings, Production Director at Boomdash added, “After the successful partnerships that was established for ‘Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare’, it only felt natural to bring everyone back together to collaborate on this next project. We’re excited to be working with all parties and bringing Evil Dead to the mobile VR audience. It develops further our capabilities of working with brand owners to mobilise their properties to existing and now VR audiences.”

The VR adaptation is slated for a June 2018 release and will be the second major project to come from Boomdash Digital working alongside Ghosthouse Entertainment. Though we haven't gotten a chance to look at the VR components, the standard mobile experience was in itself thrilling. To picture this in a Virtual Reality setting would be a treat, especially for die-hard horror fans.


As for the mobile title itself, now available on iOS and Android devices, here's what you need to know as per the official description:

"Equipped with iconic Evil Dead weapons such as the chainsaw or shotgun, players must escape the cabin and defend themselves against Deadites, falling trees and swinging vines within the forest. Collect blood droplets, upgrade weapons and prepare to battle against the evil witch to bring the nightmare to an end!"

  • Intense, 1st person POV, puts players at the centre of the Evil Dead universe
  • MEET THE FRENEMIES - Find and kill your friends for rewards with new FRENEMIES feature
  • EVIL DEAD TUBERS - Record and share your game-play clips with fellow deadite slayers
  • Record times, distances and deadite-killing achievements to beat your friends
  • Access classic Evil Dead weapons including a nail-gun and revolver
  • Unlock tougher missions from the Book Of The Dead
  • Realistic 3D graphics and camerawork recreate the look and feel of the movie set