Reese Witherspoon Urged to Play Fortnite By Her Friends

reese and fortnite

There is no denying that the following for Fortnite is incredible. With record-breaking Twitch numbers, weekly rotations for events to keep gameplay fresh, and even a huge celebrity following all adds up to a fantastic reception for the free-to-play title. The latest celebrity player hasn't quite made it to that place yet, but it seems like it could be happening soon if her friends have their way.

When singer Stacey Solomon posted a hilarious interaction between herself and her oldest child, America's Sweetheart Reese Witherspoon replied with a simple "What is it with Fortnite?" Seems simple enough, but it quickly evolved into a split camp: for and against the popular online game.

What was surprising was how many of her friends are actually into the game with comments about playing with their own children as a way to bond. Others that responded were quick to mention that it's a better alternative to other shooters, since the graphics are more whimsical and it doesn't include any blood or gore.

Just earlier this year, comedian Roseanne Barr basted she was a "Fortnite Badass" with 20 Victory Royales to her name. Josh Hart, Joe Jonas, Travis Scott, and more all play - and those are just the entertainment personalities that we know of. We wonder if Reese will squad up with one of them? Maybe Ninja will get her in on a stream, you know - to show her the ropes. We'll see, but it is pretty funny to see just how much this game has intergrated itself within pop culture. I never thought I would see media sites like The Hollywood Reported and TIME talk about games in this capacity, but here we are and it's sort of perfect.


Now if only we could find out what's going on with that nuclear bomb we found hidden away in the map ...

Fortnite Season 4 is officially live for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS players. The free-to-play game will officially be making its way over onto Android devices, though a release date has yet to be revealed. With Epic Games' massive presence at the upcoming E3 this year, it's possible they will be dropping some major bombshells for the game, including that highly anticipated Android release.