Nintendo Online Features and Details Revealed

Nintendo Switch

As the company previously stated it would a few days ago, Nintendo has revealed the details for its Online network for Nintendo Switch, filling us in on features that we can expect and reaffirming the pricing it had revealed months back -- making the service quite affordable for all types of consumers.

First, let’s break down the U.S. pricing -- which is probably the lowest we’ve seen to date for a console:

    • One month: $3.99
    • Three months: $7.99
    • 12 months: $19.99
  • Family membership (12 months): $34.99
  • With a family membership, up to eight Nintendo Account holders will be able to use the Nintendo Switch Online service, even on different systems.

And, as promised, the company provided more info on its Nintendo Switch Online classic gaming network, which, for the moment, will focus on classic Nintendo Entertainment System games.

The first 10 games that will be available for the service when it launches in September include Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario and Super Mario Bros. 3, alongside Donkey Kong, Ice Climber, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros., Soccer, Super Mario Bros. and Tennis.

The plan with the classic games is to start off with 20 games, with more to be added “on a regular basis.” The next ten titles will be introduced down the road, and there’s a good possibility other consoles will be revisited.


The company also noted the following features with the service:

  • Save Data Cloud Backup: By using Nintendo Switch Online, a backup of Nintendo Switch save data for most Nintendo Switch games will be stored online for easy access. This is great for people who want to retrieve their data if they lose, break or purchase an additional Nintendo Switch system.
  • Online Play: A Nintendo Switch Online membership will be needed to participate in co-op and competitive online features for many current and upcoming Nintendo Switch games, such as Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, Mario Tennis Aces and Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido.
  • Nintendo Switch Online App*: The Nintendo Switch Online smartphone application can be used to enhance the online experience for compatible games through voice chat and other features. sounds like Nintendo is going to keep its online app for voice chat, at least for the moment. This could be bad news for those that were hoping for a more chat-oriented app direct in the system. This could change in the future, however.

That’s about it for now, but between pricing, classic games and the ability to cloud save (yowza!), Nintendo appears to be taking its online game to another level. Now we just have to see how well the service holds up when it launches. Fingers crossed!